... Just ask Jake Jacome! He's making it happen with Norris Cams!

Whether it's your daily driver, weekend cruiser, street/strip racer, or off-road adventurerer, Norris Cams has the perfect solution to making the powerplant in your Vintage VW come alive. Since the very early days of VW performance in the 1960's, Norris has been a leader in quality, innovation, power, and reliability. Norris Performance Products have been VW proven for almost 50 years. Jake's car had its first Norris installed in 1980, and it's had a Norris ever since. In fact, that same original cam is still running and currently racing in a different car, all these years later! Check out Jake's latest race stats and a racing video below.

This website is dedicated to supplying Norris Cams and valvetrain components to the Air-Cooled VW community. If you have an air-cooled Volkswagen that you'd like to get running with top-notch"Old School" MADE IN USA Norris Performance Products, we have them here for you. For inquiries regarding Norris Performance Products for VW's, email info@NorrisCams.com.or call us at 714-752-3766. For all other vehicles, contact Chuck at 818-780-1102. Sorry, we have no email contacts for any non-VW Norris products currently available. You'll need to call Chuck.


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(CLICK PHOTO TO WATCH VIDEO) Jake Jacome takes on a brand new Ford 5.0L V-8 Mustang at the drag strip. Jake's powerplant in this video is a less-than-2.0 liter Kaddie Shack built 1968cc motor with a Norris 336S and dual Kadrons.

Jake Jacome Race Results:
9/2/12 Bugorama #70: 1st Place
10/28/12 Hot VW's Drag Day: 2nd Place
3/17/13 HotVW's Drag Day: Loss
4/28/13 Bug-In #38: Loss
5/26/13 Bugorama #71: 1st Place
9/1/13 Bugorama #72: 2nd Place
10/27/13 Hot VW's Drag Day: 1st Place
4/27/14 Bug-In #39: 1st Place
5/4/14 So-Cal Bugorama: 2nd Place
5/25/14 Bugorama #73: Loss
8/21/14 Kaddie Shack Drag Night: 1st Place
8/31/14 Bugorama #74: Loss
10/2/14 Kaddie Shack Drag Night #2: 2nd Place

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